ISDERA imperator 108i (1984 to 1991)

Following the hype created by the Mercedes-Benz CW 311 study, Isdera developed a similar model to be built „in series“. The Isdera imperator 108i is an improved consumer oriented version of the CW 311. It is designed with extended driver and passengers space, better comfort for long distance drive, an enhanced shape and it includes re-designed innovations such as the periscope rear mirror and gullwing doors.

The Isdera imperator 108i is powered by a Mercedes-Benz 8 cylinders with 420 horse-power for a top speed of 300 km/h. Starting what would become an Isdera tradition, the interior was customized for each customer with high-end products and technology (including a phone, which was almost never seen at the time).

The imperator 108i was such a success that Isdera offices were established in North America and Japan.