Isdera is the acronym for Ingenieurbüro for Styling, DEsign and RAcing. The company embodies the spirit of Eberhard Schulz, a sports car enthusiast, inventor, self-taught engineer like no other who built his first car in his garage (the erator GTE) and grew to create some of the fastest cars in the world as well as an iconic brand.

Isdera designs high-performance sports cars hand-built by a small team of engineers under the direction of Eberhard Schulz. Each vehicle is unique, customized for each owner with a very powerful engine and high-end craftsmanship. The spirit of the brand is to create sports cars to drive and it is infused in every model, adding comfort and functionality. As an „Ingenieurbüro“, Isdera often works on indepentent engineering projects for other brands.


Eberhard Schulz was completely unknown when he presented the erator GTE, a car he had built in his garage - precisely a large laundry room in his front yard. Despite having abandoned mechanical engineering studies, his undeniable talent landed him his first job at Porsche when he parked the newly built erator GTE as his sole CV in their parking lot.

This epic entrance in the world of car engineering didn‘t tame Eberhard Schulz‘s enthusiasm. He used his spare time to work on a new, more powerful prototype, the CW 311. Based on the idea to create a successor to the Mercedes-Benz 300SL, the car was designed using Mercedes-Benz and Porsche parts. It took 3 years to develop, its design, innovations, and performances were in pair with the most powerful cars in the world.

Eberhard Schulz left Porsche in 1978 to work full time on his own ideas and his ideas weren‘t to build cars. With Isdera, he wanted to reinvent the concept of supercars. Since then Isdera has developed high-end sports cars for individuals and introduced countless automotive innovations.

Isdera has won the Stuttgart Design award in 1983 and 1984, The Colour Design Award in 1985 and the Business Founder Award in 1990.